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SEO Technology
SEO TechnologyHelp to List on the Top Pages of Google
SEO is far more complicated than you might think. it is difficult for a non-tech person to deal with, and it can almost become a myth when you look at how many different variables play a part in the search result. This site shows how our service has put their products on the top of the search results in Google.
Responsive Design
Responsive DesignMobile Compatible - iPhone, iPad and Android Phones
Today, most people use mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to look at websites. In response to this mobile trend, we have built, managed, and published our clients’ mobile websites across all types of web-enabled devices in order to recognize the number of potential customers are using phones.
Web Design Team
Web Design TeamWeb Technology for Medical Professionals
Our customized designs are strategically developed a by a team of medical marketing experts and web designers, not fancy website templates. Most of these templates you see with tons of heavy graphics are developed by graphic designers.

Would a Website Attract Potential New Patients?

“Do websites help doctors attract new patients?” The answer is yes and no. According to research by over 100 million Americans search the Internet for health information, and 74% say the information they find online influences their treatment decisions. However, there’s a big difference between the customized, content-oriented websites and the websites made from fancy templates or by amateur web developers with poor quality design.

Recently a well-known doctor in our community, who was interviewed several times by local TV stations, complained about her website. It had been developed three years ago by her friend an amateur web designer. However, her website had failed to acquire her any new patients.

Ultimately simply having a website is not enough. How you design your website affects whether or not you can attract visitors and convert them into patients. Please see below websites we designed:

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